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Marriage fraud

In the most recent case of marriage fraud, a Canadian woman was abandoned by her Guinean husband after a month the couple arrived in Canada. It is also said that he had fathered a child in Africa. He was deported for not being able to show his dependence in the country.

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As opposed to this claim, paternity tests reveal that the fraudster was not the child’s biological father. The test results were handed over to both the Canadian Border Services Agency Citizenship and Immigration Canada. On the other hand, Fode Mohamed Soumah’s second wife Cassandre Blier raised questions as to why no stay of deportation was admitted while this new evidence was being reviewed.

Blier also told that the government did not pay heed to this important evidence. She said her husband was wrongfully deported on grounds of immigration fraud. Soumah had married a dancer and performance artist, Lainie Towell in April 2009. She alleged that Soumah had betrayed her and his only motive was entering Canada. Immigration and refugee board judge said the officials did not find enough proof to show that Soumah had cheated Towell. It is noted that Towell proposed to Soumah in Guinea.

The judge found that their marriage allegedly broke up after towel discovered that Soumah has earlier fathered a child in Africa with some teenage dancer named Bijou. Soumah admitted having a relationship with the teenage dancer. She had told others that Soumah was the father. It was found that she was involved with two other men at the same time and doubted Soumah as the father. Though Soumah’s parents accepted the child and the mother, they say it was due to humanitarian reasons.

Soumah told the reporters that the couple parted as Towell was angry and threatened him. When Soumah called her weeks later and tried to mend the relationship, she showed disregard to the request. The judge commanded that Soumah made a false representation by not declaring that he had a dependent child and hence got deported. Opposing this, Soumah told that he was not the child’s biological father and filed a petition. While Towell said he marriage was only a gateway to enter Canada for Soumah, the government maintains a confused stand on the issue.

Though the judge did not convict Soumah of using Towell to get into Canada, Towell told the reporters that she was a victim of marriage fraud and demanded justice. Towell has become a mentor for victims of marriage fraud in Canada. Advocacy groups demanded Immigration and Citizenship minister Jason Kenney to implement new regulations to keep marriage frauds in check. In the recent past, many cases have been reported where immigrants has come to Canada as dependents after marriage.

Besides these allegations, over four hundred supported have signed a petition declaring the contributions Soumah had made for their community and pleading the government to allow him to stay in Canada. In spite of this negative publicity and being called a fraudster, Soumah continued to stay in Canada and build up a new life.

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